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About us

Alphacomm Digital Commerce is the parent company of USAprepaid.com. USAprepaid.com is one of the brands that help grow our overall brand to ensure we remain the market leader in the B2C sales of prepaid phone refills.

Our focus lies in helping end users have a safe and easy journey while purchasing digital products on their phone, tablet, or PC. Available products range from music gift cards to game keys, as well as prepaid refills and miscellaneous gift cards.

Alphacomm launched in 2003 and now operates in multiple countries. Usaprepaid.com was then started toward the end of 2016. Over 100 of our apps live in the Google+ and Apple stores. Our online shops, located in the United States, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands, are growing day by day.

Our focus lies in helping our customers have a perfect, hassle-free experience. Our customer support team is available five days a week via email and phone.

We sell millions of digital products per year and are fortunate enough to be recognized by companies like Deloitte as one of the fastest growing innovators. Most of our passion comes from making your buying process as easy and as simple as possible. We believe your phone plan should be as personalized as your phone itself.

Our international team

Our head office in The Netherlands